To develop a knowledge – Based society With clarity of thoughts And charity at hearts, Committed to serve the humanity With integrity.

IMPULSE which is in every one’s pulse Our flag is flaying to the Sky. Never to come down but always soaring high. The IMPULSE acorns grow into large oaks, In a home away from home.

The mentors and visionaries of Impulse FoundersMr. SUDHIR BABU and Mr. NARENDRA.

The torch bearers of montfortainvalues : We proudly march on And play the game of life Striving towards a better world The rising sun dispels all darkness, And leads us to light, The motto of our college is towards A better world. We’ll strive to do our very best, With God’s light we are blest, For IMPULSE the sun never sets


To offer Holistic Education, Empowering the youth of today, To be the leaders of tomorrow, Men and Women Of competence and conscience Diligence and discipline


Oh dears IMPULSE we honour you, And follow all your values true, We’ll march onwords to victory, And bring laurels to our college

We the students of our dear IMPULSE Will follow our college motto, Towards a better world, And pray God may bless us, In what we say and do, To be hero’s of our IMPULSE

We raise our flay on high, pointing to the sky, Striving towards a better world, The light of god will shine all the time. IMPULSE always be our Guide

MY DREAM DESTINATION: Mr. NARENDRA (Founder Director Impulse) By now on earth I’ve spent 15 Years in corporate house (Colleges) And when I face the (truth of the world) I break down the tears Now I wish I would leave the earth Because humans never understood It’s worth A new planet is where I’d would like to live, Let’s go there by space ship! A place where people are friendly, A place where no one’s crude and rude.

There would be no word in the dictionary as pollution, And every problem would have a solution. All flowers would always be alive, Where life would stretch on forever, Charming would be the weather No one would be left heart broken and sad There, no one would be pessimist If only this land could exist and be found It’ssplendour would leave Every one spell bound! I wish that of this land I would not only think of, Since this realm can change any one’sfate Well such a land may never exist, Where everyone is an optimist, Belt what is the harm in dreaming on, From dreams, perhaps reality is born.